GRACIOUS! I haven't posted anything new in quite a while! I've been busy working on a website and painting big paintings to posty postersons! Then, traveling round for the holidays. BUT-I've got a ton of stuff to post up in January. It's going to a super crazy busy month which is going to be exciting and rad and so I better catch some Z's before the madness starts to happen! 2008 was pretty much one of the most monumental years of my life, and 2009 is going to ice that cake and then life is going take a big bite out of it. Mmm mmm!

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!!

So much LOVE!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Sunshine! All the best to you in 2009.
Ice that cake! You make me smile.

Christine Hale said...

Aww Pegs!!! Thank so much! You da best!! Happy 2009 to you too and lots and lots of love and cupcakes! :)xoxoxoox Love! Christine