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There are a lot of poems in my The Blue Shorts WRITINGBLOG that really belong over in the unexamined spaces of being WRITINGBLOG. If they don't have titles, then they go there. But, I'm not going to move them over because the new blog is all for newness. Ooey gooey sticky new. And I just came up with this idea tonight so everything here on out should reflect this change I have within myself and a slight change on my outlook on life.

Writing is documenting change. If you read through The Blue Shorts from the beginning to the end you see it is documenting my internal changes, struggles. I went from a dark period ( there are a TON of stories I didn't make public because they were quite harsh-the bitter reality of my life) into breaking my hand and then making a change within myself. Then you'll see that I move into poetry and more abstract ways of articulating my more refined psychosis and, you'll notice a major change with my style and with my heart.

Lately I've started to become obsessed with more fantastical thoughts of space travel, time, dimensions, being, tiny things and big things, and the interconnectedness of it all. To start this blog off right, I'm going to quote from an article which propelled me to write in this direction because of the publication company (Blesok: www.blesok.com.mk) that inspired me to do this.

From: "Nothing Comes from Nothing" a lecture and conversation by Peter Brook. ( Click it and it will take you to the link. It's a really wonderful read! There are so many topics in these three pages that hit a lot of my own philosophy of life. I think, if someone could take some of my thoughts and articulate them, lighten and enliven them, then this article could represent me much better). I have to note that I'm a fierce fan of whimsy and simplicity, although, scholarly jargon and deeper issues always lie under the whim if need be discussed. So, if I say "fun!fun!fun!" a lot, it's not because I'm lacking words, I just pick my words to represent what I want to convey with my entire Love, Christine website and me 80% of the time: fun! :) I want people to have FUN here.

The person who is willingly making him or herself more empty becomes through emptiness a receiving instrument for a finer sensitivity.

This is the theme of the blog.

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