Above are my 4 main styles I chose for this album by STERN (released in Germany!) to choose from ( with a million color options and small adjustments here and there). I really love to give different options-and you can see from the bottom to the top the process. I started with vector images and gradually worked to all hand-drawn images.

Sometimes I will get approached for a project and have not that many boundaries. That is hard. I can come up with a million different ways of translating "stars".Haha. But, I also love these type of projects because then I start to explore different techniques and create new art from it! Like this below is made up my colored pencil drawing of stars-galaxy caught on film, with layers of actual photographs from space, with then added lights and balls and all kinds of different things filters to make it the way it looks now-simple and organic. I call it Starlab and there are many that look the same because they are made up of cosmic elements, but, they kind of just look like something you might find on a petri dish.

So pretty!


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