Because I'm a gum expert (see blog/comic about GUM below!) a writer for The New York Times interviewed me yesterday!
"Um. I like gum! It's fun! Love love!" Christine Hale illustrator/musician

Ha. Actually, I got into a discussion about how the flavors of gum reflect the economic status and the general adult mindset: going back to childhood, a place of comfort and fun. Studies have shown that companies sell more chocolate and sweet food products (pies and cinnamon) when the economy isn't doing too hot because people subconsciously feel comforted by these scents. Fascinating. Wildly. I generated my theory from some studies I did when I really wanted to go to France and start a perfume line. Haha. :) Smells are amazing, just another batch of paints for the senses like notes in the air and memories caught in brain web.

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