My amazingly beautiful and creative mother creates jewelry with me. Sometimes I send her drawings and she will make the necklace and sometimes she just does it on her own and I do it on my own and we still end up making similar pieces. I have a whole line of one of a kind vintage jewelry. I like to think of it as wearing moments of history around your neck. Imagine what that piece went through, who wore it, who loved it, and where it came from-and to think, all of that history is right there.

If interested in purchasing, please email me and I'll let you know what is available or not! I'm putting up an etsy account soon! If you can find the last issue of Elle Girl, you just might see some of these on some girls! :) Neat! And also some star is wearing a necklace on the cover of a T.V. Guide. So bizarre to think where these lil' guys travel too. Some of them are roaming around New York, London and LA right now on the necks of more history makers. Fascinating.

Once I was supposed to have an interview with Daily Candy about my jewelry, but I didn't know what it was so I kinda blew it off. Whoops. Silly silly silly. Now that I have an assistant (the amazing Christina) in L.A. helping me take care of stuff--I can start to get the ball rolling on the production aspect of all my billions of projects. High five!

I made this for my sweet momma when I was in Kindergarden. Why did I draw Saturn and the moon?! I love children's art.
And, you know what?! I always signed my artwork with "Love, Christine" when I was reeealllly little! I didn't even know until this summer when I went home to my parents house in Missouri and looked through some old things. Speaking of which, here are some pictures of me when I was little doing the same things I'm doing now. Hah. Not much has changed except that I can fit in those red shoes. I think we know what we love to do when we are kids. Just think about things you loved and why---sometimes you find your answers there as well.

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