Whoops! Yesterday was an "off day" which involved eating and walking, sleeping more, eating walking and sleeping again. It's my pre-work prep that I do, which is also called procrastination, but I like to think of it as hibernation; storing up all my energy so I can really jump into my work non-stop, no sleep, no eat, kind of thing. I've got so many projects and posters to make and I just got a new little project to illustrate the cover of the back to school issue of the The Link (Concordia University Newspaper)-which will be a neat project because I get the entire cover all to my little drawing self and then copies sent out all over the city. Blasting out some art in Montreal, and working on new illo's for LA Record to blast out. Then a West Coast tour for Writer (so spreading more art love) and then an album for Sea Legs and more artwork for more peeps. Love it, but right now I think I feel overwhelmed only because I've gotten use to this sleepy lil' town and I need to really get back into rocketship mode!
Power up and on! Over and out!
(Lots of stuff will be posted up by the end of the day, oh yes, oh yes.)

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