"In the Huna tradition of Hawaii, there are myriad secrets and shortcuts to making desires and dreams come to life. The Huna clearly understood the really critical role that our subconscious plays in making manifest our goals. They also understood the need to transform limiting thoughts and negative beliefs that can impact and influence each and every one of us each and every moment of the day. The next time you are working on any project that you need to get off the ground or even move to the next level, try a reliable Huna technique of constantly telling that project how much you love it. If you are writing something, as you write keep saying 'I love you' to the content, if you are building something, say it, designing something, tell it, sewing something ... well, you get it. Just keep telling whatever it is you are working on that you love it. The Huna believed that loving energies when pointed in a specific direction and accompanied by thoughts of faith, belief and love could absolutely move mountains. Even the ones that stand between ourselves and our success. (P.S.: You can also try this technique on some one who has hurt or hindered your own growth in some way. Just keep silently telling them that you love them and then watch as miracles of health and healing unfold!)"

Aww. I like this. It's true though! That is why I'm "Love, Christine" because when I work on a project, I put a lot of love into it with the hopes that whomever I'm creating for will be really happy. :) Sage advice from a lavender source.

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